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Lymphatic Massage


Lymphatic massage, also called lymphatic drainage, is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery.It is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.

Lymphatic massage works extremely well for minor to sever swelling due to any number of reasons; injuries, disease, and surgeries.

It is quite relaxing to the client.The technique is very rhythmic with the light stretching of the skin. The pressure is very slight due to where the lymphatic system is located, just under the skin.  This is where most of your superficial lymphatic vessels are and to affect them we must keep our pressure very light to ensure we do not push right past the system and affect muscle instead.

The Lymphatic system does not have its own pump. Deep breathing and muscle contraction is what moves the lymph.  For this reason many people find themselves in need of help using Lymphatic Massage. Movement is important when it comes to edema due to the muscle contraction, which increases lymph, for this reason after surgery you are encouraged to move as soon as possible. Sometimes however, your body needs some help getting the swelling down and that is why your doctor may encourage you to find a lymphatic therapist.

Slow gentle gliding strokes and the technique of stretching the skin towards the lymph nodes to encourage your body’s own healing system is used in this treatment.

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