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Cupping is a suction technique that pulls blood to the region where it is placed, also pulling toxins build up in muscles spasm from the body's deeper tissue to the surface of the skin.Therefore round red to purple marks will be present after the treatment, and can last from 3 days to a week. A darker coloring means that there is a high level of toxins and stagnation in the section of the body that has been treated. In this case, the marks can last a little longer.The ancient art of cupping has been utilized in many cultures, and has been part of Chinese medicine for over 2,500 years.

Stationary and sliding cups can be used or other techniques. It is very effective at stretching constricted fascia and muscles.


How does it work?

Signs of physical pain and/or discomfort imply in a blockage of the flow of energy through a particular area, like muscles and joints.

Initially it pulls blood into an area getting the tissues saturated with fresh blood, while the vacuum pulls stagnant blood out of the area. it is easier for the body to eliminate toxins through the superficial blood supply or capillary system then.

The result is a movement of fresh blood to the area, release of toxins, acupuncture point stimulation, increased circulation of blood and lymph, relaxation of tight muscles, reduced inflammation and pain .

Cupping helps the tissue develop new blood flow and causes anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body. So, cupping can help us overcome old and new injury by

  1. Increasing circulation

  2. Increasing oxygenation

  3. Eliminating toxins through the superficial blood supply

  4. Removing stagnant blood

  5. Stretching fascia and connective tissue

Most commonly, it's used for aches and pains of various types including:

Detoxification - Back pain - Leg pain - Neck - Shoulder tension - Migraine - Fibromyalgia - Anxiety - Fatigue.

It also helps open up the chest and benefits the lungs to treat respiratory problems such as:

-Cough, Bronchitis - Asthma

Cupping is an extraordinary technique, and many times the effect is immediate. The healing process may be shortened by weeks, even months by using cupping.

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